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I-SENSE Faculty Fellows

Reza Azarderakhsh, Ph.D.
Reza Azarderakhsh Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Assistant Professor
Faculty Website
Research Expertise:
Cryptographic Engineering, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Finite Field, Post-Quantum Cryptography

Jordon Beckler, Ph.D.
Jordan Beckler Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Research Professor

Behnaz Ghoraani, Ph.D.
Behnaz Ghoraani Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Assistant Professor
Research Expertise: Non-stationary Data Analytics, Pattern Recognition and Information Retrieval, Biomedical and Speech Signal Analysis, Feature Extraction and Classification, Time-frequency Signal Analysis, Machine Learning and Classification

Jinwoo Jang, Ph.D.
Jinwoo Jang Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering
Assistant Professor
Research Expertise: Smart and Connected Communities, Structural Health Monitoring, Structural Dynamics, Uncertainty Estimation and Quantification, Connected Vehicle Applications, Big Data Analytics

Dimitris Pados, Ph.D.
Dimitris Pados, Ph.D. Charles E. Schmidt Chair Professor
I-SENSE Fellow
Research Expertise:
Communications Theory and Systems: Cognitive Software-defined Radios and Networks; Interference Avoiding Networking; Secure Wireless Communications; Underwater Cognitive Hi-rate/Long-distance Acoustic Communications; Autonomous/Unmanned Aerial/Ground/Underwater System Communications.
Machine Learning and Adaptive Signal Processing: L1-norm Principal-component Analysis (L1-PCA); Robust Feature Extraction from Faulty Data Sets; Digital Data Embedding/Hiding; Compressed-sensed (Multi-view) Imaging and Video; Localization in GPS-less Environments; Ad-hoc/Dynamic Geometry Beamforming and Array Radar; Communications-Radar Coexistence.

Yufei Tang, Ph.D.
Yufei Tang Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Assistant Professor
Faculty Website
Research Expertise: Cyber-Physical Energy Systems: Power System Stability Control and Optimization, Renewable Energy Systems, Smart Grid Security, Cascading Failure Analysis