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I-SENSE | Institute for Sensing and Embedded Network Systems Engineering

Undergraduate Research Opportunity: NSF REU Site in Sensing and Smart Systems

An intensive summer research program in sensing and smart systems for talented undergraduate students across the country.


Initiative to Stimulate Collaborative Student Research

A new funding program designed to support collaborative student research projects.


Advancements in computing, communication, and sensing technology are making it possible to embed tiny wireless sensors in our homes and yards, our shoes and clothing, and even our toothbrushes and utensils.

This futuristic vision of tiny, networked sensors streaming information about the world around us was once relegated to the pages of science fiction. Today, it’s emerging as the next Internet frontier. It’s called the “Internet of Things,” or the “Internet of Everything,” and it’s a powerful foundation for tackling some of society’s most pressing challenges, from safeguarding our water systems and agricultural resources, to managing our growing cities, to supporting our health and wellness.

Tiny sensors, tiny computers, and tiny radios are poised to have a huge impact. The Internet of Everything is changing the world around us and opening doors to a brighter future. We’re building that future at Florida Atlantic University.

I-SENSE Lecture Series Speakers

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