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Funding & Awards

2018 I-SENSE Seed Grant Awardees

Title: A Sensor-Based, Dynamical Systems Approach to Guiding Therapeutic Interactions
PI: Paul Peluso
Amount: $20,313
Description:The research project is an extension of observational research into the therapeutic relationship, conducted in the Department of Counselor Education, that relies on the notion of synchrony to quantify emotional valence in both directions of the dyad. The project aims to provide new insights into the dynamics of therapist-client interactions, and ultimately, to guiding those interactions to successful outcomes.
Title: Human Aspects of Autonomous Driving
PI: Mehrdad Nojoumian
Co-PI: Dimitris Pados
Amount: $25,570
Description: The investigators will explore how to establish, sustain and rebuild (in the case of incidental failures) trust between humans and autonomous systems. They will perform experiments and look at the interaction between humans and their autonomous testbeds under the lens of trust in a controlled setting. They will develop a reflective module with three operation modes in the software system that controls the autonomous system.
PI: Bing Ouyang
Co-PI: Michael Twardowski
Description: This project will support the development of a benchtop prototype and the processing algorithm, which will allow the team to explore the proposed design and to show preliminary performance results for the concepts in a planned NASA proposal.
PI: Sudhagar Nagarajan
Co-PI: Madasamy Arockiasamy
Description: This proposal will pioneer a framework in infrastructure health monitoring using high-resolution wireless sensors to detect and analyze through a spatially distributed sensors to continuously monitor the structure, trigger alarms that identify the onset of global and local damage in the structure. The objective of this proposed study is to develop a framework in real time Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of bridges that will lead to a robust Asset Management Application (AMA). This will provide readily available and actionable data to a myriad of users, in accordance with their role, as user or maintainers or overseers of the nation’s infrastructure to ensure the efficiency and security of our infrastructure systems.
PI: Erik Engeberg
Co-PI: Sarah Du, Jenny Wei, Emmanuelle Togloni
Description: The investigators propose to develop a novel ROBO-SYNAPSE to noninvasively study neural plasticity.
PI: Waseem Asghar
Co-PI: Massimo Caputi
Description: The investigators propose to develop a novel, low-cost and automated tool for rapid detection of Zika virus from clinically relevant samples at POC settings.
PI: Behnaz Ghoraani
Co-PI: James Galvin
Description: This project proposes a novel test for simultaneous assessment of motor and cognitive performance by incorporating wearable sensors to identify mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease in older adults.