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FAU Thinkers and Makers

Florida Atlantic University is embarking on an exciting educational video series designed to engage middle school and high school students in computer science and engineering by featuring their peers demonstrating basic science and engineering principals and showcasing their own personal projects.

"Thinkers and Makers" was created by Jason O. Hallstrom, Ph.D., director of FAU's Institute for Sensing and Embedded Network Systems Engineering (I-SENSE). The episodes are less than five minutes and graphic intensive to help viewers better understand the content.

FAU Thinkers and Makers, Priya Dames
Priya Dames, 17
- Florida Atlantic University High School
- Computer Science
- Raising awareness and fundraising for STEM education in at-risk communities
- I'd like to help under-represented students get into STEM easier.
FAU Thinkers and Makers, Jason Hallstrom
Jason Hallstrom
- Professor and director of I-SENSE, creator of Thinkers and Makers
- Florida Atlantic University
- Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
FAU Thinkers and Makers, Julianna Wandell
Julianna Wandell, 15
- Florida Atlantic University High School
- Computer Engineering and Computer Science
- Developing wearable electronics that support medical technology and exercise science. Designing clothing that responds to sound and muscle movement.
- I've always been happiest when I get to build something. Then I look at it and think, "Wow, I made this and it actually works." I want to build things we need.
FAU Thinkers and Makers, Devin Willis
Devin Willis, 15
- Florida Atlantic University High School
- Neuroscience
- Cancer research innovation, robotics
- I want to create a machine to increase the accuracy and speed of cancer diagnosis.
FAU Thinkers and Makers, Multiple Resistors
Jade Minkoff, 17
- Electrical Engineering
- Engineering research in application to education
- Florida Atlantic University High School
- I'm frustrated by our limitations as people. … I like to see progress moving forward. … I like science and I like math because I think it's the language of the universe. … The more we learn the more we want to know and it's a never-ending cycle.
FAU Thinkers and Makers, Danish Hashim
Danish Hashim, 17
- Miramar High School
- Computer Science
- Electronics, taking things apart, figuring them out, putting them back together
- I want to fix this world … I want to fix the problems that are within my reach and make the world a better place.
FAU Thinkers and Makers, Noah and Jade
FAU Thinkers and Makers, Noah Rubin
Noah Rubin, 15
- Rosenblatt High School at Donna Klein Jewish Academy
- Engineering/Computer Science and Business
- Making projects that help people, robotics, community service, coding, soccer and learning new things
- I love making things, and I hope to inspire younger students to get into engineering and computer programming with this video-series.